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What's next for the Heat?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

After eliminating the best team in the NBA in just five games, the Heat have advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since LeBron James decided to go back to Cleveland. During the offseason, Miami was deemed a dark horse after the acquiring of Jimmy Butler. Over the course of the season, they were able to prevail against many top-rated teams. In the first round, they were quick to sweep the Pacers, who had a top-class T.J. Warren. They were waiting to match up against the Bucks, who were able to beat the Magic in five games after going down 0-1. Many critics predicted that the Bucks would knock the Heat out in six games, only to change their views after the latter went up 2-0. Miami took a commanding 3-0 lead in the series, in an attempt to sweep the 1-seed. Milwaukee was able to instead only allow a "gentleman's sweep", after getting an OT win behind Khris Middleton's strong performance without Giannis.

Jimmy Butler (front) attempts to shake off Khris Middleton

In Game 5, Heat rookie Tyler Herro and Milwaukee sophomore Dante DiVincenzo both boasted an impressive stat line. Herro recorded 14 points, 8 assists, and 8 rebounds, along with a block and a steal. DiVincenzo was held to 17 points before being sent off after his sixth personal foul.

The Miami defense suffocated Milwaukee, and only held them to 106 PPG throughout the series, compared to their league-high 118 PPG during the regular season. They also withheld the Greak Freak to 22.6 PPG. What's next for Miami is uncertain, as many weren't expecting them to make it this far.

They are going to face either Boston or Toronto in the ECF. Boston are the favorites to win, as they have the young core to emerge victorious. During the regular season, Boston beat Miami in the season series 2-1. If the Raps can force a Game 7 reach their second-straight ECF, the Heat are in luck, as they won the season series 2-1. Jimmy Buckets is optimistic that Miami hasn't played its best basketball yet: "I don't think we've played a full 48-minute game yet. And that's what we're promising." If what he says is true, fans all across the globe are in for a surprise. They've already been able to see the Heat torch the entire league, and if they have something left in the tank, their potential finals rival could be in for a long series.

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